Monday, September 1, 2008

Candidly Crippled is now Butterfly Dreams!

Yes, I've changed the title of the blog. Yes, I have also changed the layout (isn't it BEAUTIFUL?? I found it online and absolutely fell in love with it). No, the link has not changed. And yes, like all things I do, I had a reason for the switch.

The butterfly has always been of particular importance to me, because it represents freedom. It is also the symbol of the summer camp for kids with physical disabilities that has given me unimaginable freedom over the past four years. The metaphor of the butterfly applies to my life in infinite ways. As I get older, and become more independent, I spread my wings a little more, and soon I will take off and fly away, on my own. I have undergone many metamorphoses in the past few years: not the least of them, my transformation from a "normal" kid that just couldn't keep up with her peers to a full out cripple. This particular change in point of view has been brought about by a number of factors-my gradual drifting away from my able-bodied classmates and my summers at camp among those who are cripples and proud come to mind. I have realized that being "normal" is overrated, and being a little freakish isn't so bad. Showing my true colors is better than not showing any colors at all.

And finally for the second part of my new title-dreams. Dreams are also very significant in my life-I've learned throughout my 16 years on this earth that there is no such thing as an impossible dream, that through hard work and perseverence you can make your dreams come true, even those that may seem crazy. I had a dream to help other people with disabilities: I made it happen. I had a dream to dance and move my body to music just like a "normal" girl. And although our style may not be as graceful or as poised as a typical ballerina, the girls of our class have more spirit and drive than anyone I've ever seen. I had a dream that one day I'd feel like I belonged somewhere-and I've found it. Dreams do come true.

So what do you think? Nicer than the old blog, huh? I'm starting school tomorrow (yikes! definitely not the place where I belong!) so I won't be able to blog for awhile, but just know that I'm still here and I still have plenty of ideas for this blog.