Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cerebral Palsy Is.....

In the style of Being Autistic Is... and What Epilepsy Is...

Cerebral palsy isn't just "bum legs".

CP is being accused of "always being tired".

CP is consciously coordinating your muscles for every little task.

CP is falling over, and then having people step on you (literally and figuratively).

CP is being asked intrusive questions about your mobility aids.

CP is being accused of being lazy when you're too exhausted to move.

CP is feeling like you're being judged when you cancel plans because you're too exhausted to move or you know you will be after the event.

CP is constantly being in pain or discomfort.

CP is being terrified to go out in bad weather, because one gust of wind can blow you over.

CP is going the back way in life (literally and figuratively) because it's the only way that's accessible.

CP is feeling like you're a zoo exhibit everywhere you go.

CP is crying over at least one assignment every semester, because your spazzy hands screw up the assignment, it looks like a five year old did it, and everyone else is whispering about how easy it was.

CP is being told "Oh, I'm not looking for fine art!" when you tell someone you cannot draw.

CP is other people making assumptions about what you can and can't do.

CP is people assuming that physical disability is cancelled out by intelligence.

CP is being accused of "faking it".

CP is other people scrutinizing your abilities, when really they vary from day to day and situation to situation.

CP is everyone separating everything into "can" and "can't" with no gray area in between.

CP is always feeling like you're in the way and asking for too much.

CP is being the only person in the room with a mobility aid.

Feel free to add more! :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Woah, wait, another blog?!

I have now created my THIRD blog, a Tumblr called Flutterfly Invasion.  Again, I will still be posting on Butterfly Dreams and Palsy Snark, but the Tumblr will be used more for bits and pieces, odds and ends, as well as things that DON'T directly relate to disability, although there will be some of that, too.   So check it out and have fun!  The June DBC will be up soon.  I promise :)